Voluntary Internship Program

Updated June 2024

The purpose of the AAE Voluntary Internship Program is to offer members of the AAE Students/Intern group practical learning experience in our operational areas. Besides individual engagements, AAE collaborates with universities and educational institutions in the design of internship assignments and offers a convenient and independent path for students to apply for the internship at AAE. Students based in both African countries and non-African countries can apply directly or through thier institutions. AAE provides Completion Letters to succesful interns.

Internship Mode and Responsibiities

The default mode of the internship is fully online. While there may be onsite internships, students can choose to conduct internships in online/onsite/hybrid mode by themselves, but the students are responsible for all the costs related to the onsite internship, including but not limited to accommodations, flight, food, etc.

  • AAE determines interns’ responsibilities and tasks, and this includes professional tasks as well as administrative.
  • Tasks may be related to the the student’s current course of study
  • Students may have the internship for three months, but it can be extended if needed.
  • Interns are assigned to a supervisor
  • There is a probational period of the first 14 days of the internship for new interns.
  • Interns may network with other member of the AAE Community.
  • Interns submit monthly/bi-weekly reports on intern activities and a final consolidated report is required for completion of internship.
  • Worked interns are issued with Completion Certificates. Outstanding students are additionally issued with Letters of Recommendation.

How to participate

  • Join the Student/Intern group of AAE at this link
  • After reviewing the candidates profile and materials, the AAE either shortlists candidates or issues offer letters
  • AAE arranges a prior informal interview or free talk with the students to make a final decision.


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