June 18, 2024

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Yichen Wu
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YICHEN WU No.20 Chengzhong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China EDUCATION . Shanghai University Expected Degree in Jun. 2025 Bachelor of Finance Shanghai, China GPA: 3.49 SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS . • Good presentation and speech skills • GCA oral test (6.5) • Strong leadership • Excellent communication skills INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE . Marketing Assistant Oct. 2021 – Feb. 2022 Zeji Education Co., Ltd. Time Studio Shanghai, China • Mainly responsible for market publicity • Actively produced various promotional products in various activities, such as Christmas KT board, regular official account maintenance, etc • Participated in various project team plans multiple times and played an important role in team collaboration Virtual Business Model Planning Summer Internship  Jun. 2022 – Jun. 2022 Shanghai University Shanghai, China • Simulate operating an enterprise for 20 quarters, maintain profitability, and obtain multiple investment • Make income statements, cash flow statements, retained earnings statements and balance sheets according to the operating conditions • Conduct project defense Bank Counter Assistant Jun. 2023 – Sep. 2023 Rural Commercial Bank Shanghai, China •Responsible for handling, querying, consulting, and other customer service work related to counter services for customers; •Ensure that the daily recorded financial statements are balanced and the accounts and vouchers correspond to each other; •Responsible for maintaining and correctly using various business seals and registration books for this position, and ensuring clear registration and usage records; RELEVANT EXPERIENCE . Volunteers for Epidemic Prevention and Control Sept. 2022- Dec. 2022 Shanghai University Shanghai, China • Voluntarily engaging in social and public interest services without obtaining any benefits, money, or fame or fortune • Being able to proactively assume social responsibility without receiving any material rewards, dedicating personal time, and taking actions to help others • Measure body temperature, check health code, and arrange for personnel entering to disinfect with disinfectant solution Student Union External Relations Department of the Youth League Committee Oct. 2021 – Oct. 2023 Shanghai University Shanghai, China • Created WeChat push - Equity Half Monthly Report, actively promoting and publishing school related information through this push. Currently, it has been published in a total of 16 issues with over 5000 views • Utilize push notifications to participate in the organization and management of lost and found offices and public umbrellas • Actively participating in the organization of entertainment activities in the college, participating in the "Museum Wonderful Night" dance party, and inviting various colleges and teachers to participate, striving to actively and harmoniously establish teacher-student relationships through our External Relations Department Sydney Business School Academic Development Guidance Center Jun. 2022– Jun. 2023 Shanghai University Shanghai, China • During my freshman year as a staff member, I excelled in my work and was consistently recognized as an outstanding staff member. In my freshman year, I launched the "One Week Gathering" magazine, which has been published in 22 issues and has received over 9000 views. • Participated multiple times in the filming and promotion of academic tutoring under the responsibility of various academic development departments. • In my sophomore year, I participated in the cadre election and successfully served as the Deputy Minister of Propaganda, beginning to be responsible for the long-term management of the Student Development Database. HONORS AND AWARDS . Outstanding Officer of Wenhui Academic Development Center Dec.2021 anked fourth in the Shanghai University Football Freshman Cup Dec. 2021 Outstanding student of the 44th Party Joining Activists Training Class Jan. 2023 Shanghai University Quality and Excellent Scholarship (First Prize) Jun. 2023 Champion of the Shanghai University Frisbee Flame "Jiabao Competition" Jun. 2023 Shanghai University Individual Scholarship Nov. 2023 Future Partner Business Elite Challenge Excellence Award Nov. 2023 TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY . Language: English (Fluent), Mandarin Chinese (Native) Software: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suites, Stata, Python
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