June 18, 2024

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AAE Team
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AAE is a volunteer-run organisation coordinated by a network of national teams.
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African Association of Entrepreneurs
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Strategic planning and management and business development
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Profit from access to reources, opportunities, reports and networking
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Here is a very exciting news, AAE and Jibu will hold another Online Business Webinar on May 20th, if you have free time, then I …

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The Mentoring Programme for African Entrepreneurs, facilitated by the Association of African Entrepreneurs, is a structured initiative aimed at providing support, guidance, and resources to …

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Starting a new business with promising potential poses numerous challenges for entrepreneurs. Without proper guidance, these challenges may hinder the growth of small businesses and …

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SAVE THE DATE – TOUS A VOS AGENDAS (version en Français ci-dessous) The Upcoming Wednesday 17 April, the Africa Break-out Session of the 2024 ECOSOC …

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In today’s era, expanding one’s knowledge and skills in anticipation that one will be employed is more vague than what meets the eye. This has …

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GITEX AFRICA, the continent’s biggest tech and startup show, co-located with World Future Health Africa, is the global leader in Africa’s digital transformation. Tech giants …

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At ProdAfrica Consulting, a company dedicated to fostering and facilitating economic relations between companies and professionals in Botswana and their counterparts in Europe and other African …

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We all benefit from people lending us a hand or giving us direction in our personal lives and the same is true for our business …

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Choosing the right technology stack is a big responsibility. The success of your project depends on the choice and how well and correctly the tools …

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