Learning to manage waste sustainably

Waste management might not be a pleasant topic, but Benard Odongo, a Kenyan eco-activist, believes it is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Every year, humans produce millions of tons of waste. Overproduction and poor waste management lead to more environmental disasters and depletion of natural resources.

Benard sees the problem and the African Association of Entrepreneurs provides a solution. Our non-profit intends to bring professional green coaches and create opportunities for young entrepreneurs, like Benard, to launch eco-friendly ventures. “This is a unique opportunity for me to get needed insight and technical know-how, to learn from professionals how to deal with this issue and scale up waste reduction initiatives. It is not an easy affair and I’m looking forward to bounce some ideas off my peers and like-minded people.”

The African Association of Entrepreneurs is determined to bring positive changes to Africa by educating and supporting young environmentalists. You can help as well! With your contribution Benard will be able to develop and test his waste reduction plan. If you are interested in our project, browse our website and see what we do.

We believe every step towards a sustainable and happy life matters!

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