June 18, 2024

20 May Webinar: Expanding Water Purification Services in African Countries

Here is a very exciting news, AAE and Jibu will hold another Online Business Webinar on May 20th, if you have free time, then I sincerely invite you to attend.

This webinar mainly discusses the expansion of water purification services in African countries, and we analyze and discuss from various aspects at the topic. If you can attend, I believe you will certainly gain a lot from both the understanding of water purification services,  the future development direction as well as the difficulties to be solved. Specific conference information is as follows:

  • Date: Monday, 20th May 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am GMT
  • Zoom: 82783061501
  • Passcode: 752239

We look forward to your participation in this meeting as we discuss how to expand access to clean water in African countries.


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