June 18, 2024

AAE Mentor Guides Community Health Social Entrepreneur in Cameroon

Starting a new business with promising potential poses numerous challenges for entrepreneurs. Without proper guidance, these challenges may hinder the growth of small businesses and impede local production progress.

AAE’s mentoring programme addresses this gap by providing invaluable support to small business owners who might otherwise lack access to the advice and guidance crucial for their success.

“I strongly recommend any aspiring African entrepreneurs to leverage the AAE platform to find a mentor. Even if just for providing guidance or being there to talk through problems, an outside voice can be of great help in determining how to approach problems,” remarks AAE Mentor Rutkay Alici, who began serving with AAE in January 2024.

“When I began work with AAE I was assigned to Ngengang Venceslas and a few other entrepreneurs. Ngengang is the founder of Alpha Omega Medical Services, a medical screening and treatment business started in mid-2023 in the Western Cameroon city of Limbe. I found it to be an incredible opportunity for me to provide value to one of Africa’s economic growth stories, helping contribute to improving the lives of the broader community.”

Drawing from his extensive experience as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan in London, Rutkay brings a wealth of knowledge in working with seasoned entrepreneurs. His firm grasp of the entrepreneurial process equips him to navigate the challenges and triumphs inherent in establishing and scaling businesses, making him well-suited for the mentoring role.

Alpha Omega Medical Services, a small startup with a big vision to provide medical diagnostic and healthcare services to undeserved populations. It is an inclusive Medical startup facility with priority mission to serve individuals with disabilities, women (both pregnant and non-pregnant), children, and the economically disadvantaged in Limbe, Cameroon.

Ngengang, a passionate social entrepreneur, is deeply committed to enhancing the health of his local community, particularly for vulnerable individuals lacking access to essential healthcare services. In his endeavor to elevate his business, amplify its impact, and expand its outreach, he enrolled in the mentoring programme and began collaborating with Rutkay.

Alpha Omega Medical Services obtained authorization to commence its health support operations in Cameroon in late October 2023, officially launching in November of the same year. Since then, they have been providing essential medical diagnostic services to the population, conducting laboratory tests for various patients and clients for disease screening, diagnosis, and follow-up. Additionally, they have been actively engaged in community sensitization and screening for infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and C.

The mentor-mentee collaboration has achieved several milestones during their weekly meetings, including:

  • Defining a clear company mission: to help improve the health of the local community.
  • Establishing a robust company culture focused on delivering excellent customer service and adhering to health and safety protocols.
  • Developing an improved bookkeeping system for managing cash inflows and outflows.
  • Enhancing the user interface and functionality of the enterprise’s website.
  • Initiating and promoting a crowdfunding campaign for a Hepatitis B and C testing project, aiming to test and vaccinate 1,000+ locals to prevent the spread of these diseases.
  • Stay tuned for more updates on their progress.

“I am appreciative of the AAE effort in putting out such an amazing platform to assist young entrepreneurs like myself. I have enjoyed every bit of this mentoring programme. My interaction with my mentor, Rutkay, has been commendable. He’s always available and has helped me make important decisions,” says Ngengang.

“The relationship has been extremely rewarding for both of us. We have built a strong bond based on trust and a shared goal of improving people’s lives,” adds Rutkay.

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